Instructors use Assessments to test Student knowledge, measure Student progress, and gather information from Students. There are two types of Assessments:

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About Assessments

An overview for planning and organizing Assessments.

Test Manager

Explains how to create and manage Tests.

How to Create or Modify a Test

Describes the process for creating a Test.

Test Info

Explains the data used to describe a test.

Test Canvas

Describes the area used to add questions and organize a Test.

Test Creation Settings

Explains the options used to control the availability of Test features.

Question Completion Status

Describes how the question completion status feature informs users of which questions they have answered.

Multiple Choice Questions

Reviews how to add or modify questions.

True/False Questions

Describes True/False questions.

Fill in the Blank Questions

Describes Fill in the Blank questions.

Multiple Answer Questions

Describes Multiple Answer questions.

Matching Questions

Describes Matching questions.

Ordering Questions

Describes Ordering questions.

Essay Questions

Describes Essay questions.

Calculated Questions

Describes Calculated questions.

Numeric Response Questions

Describes Numeric Response questions.

File Response Questions

Describes File Response questions.

Hot Spot Questions

Describes Hot Spot questions.

Multiple Fill in the Blank Questions

Describes Multiple Fill in the Blank questions.

Jumbled Sentence Questions

Describes Jumbled Sentence questions.

Opinion Scale Questions

Describes Opinion Scale questions.

Short Response Questions

Describes Short Response questions.

Either/Or Questions

Describes Either/Or questions.

Quiz Bowl Questions

Describes Quiz Bowl questions.

Add/Modify Random Block

Explains how to add a random set of questions to a Test.

Upload Questions

Describes the process and file format for uploading questions to a Test.

Search Pool and Assessments

Reviews the search function for finding questions.

Categorize Question

Details how to organize questions into groups.

Category Manager

Describes the feature used to control categories.

Survey Manager

Explains how to create and manage Surveys.

Pool Manager

Describes how to create and manage Pools of questions.

Pool Import

Explains how to import a pool of questions