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Managing Statistics Reports

The results are displayed after selecting the filters and generating a report on the Statistics page. Included is a summary as well as graphs of all the data requested. The report lists the total numbers as well as the number of active Users, Courses, or Organizations. Active applies to the subset of the total that have been used during the date range. For example, the total number of Users may be 2,000, but if the date range is only one day, perhaps only 750 Users logged in that day (considered active).

Note:  When viewing reports that include hit statistics, a hit is tracked every time a request is sent. For example, a Student logs in to Blackboard Learn (1 hit), clicks the Courses tab (2 hits), clicks a Course Link (3 hits), accesses the Communication area (4 hits), clicks Discussion Boards (5 hits), clicks a Forum (6 hits), and clicks a message to read (7 hits).

How to Manage Reports

  1. Click System Reporting on the Administrator Panel.
  2. Click Statistics Reports from the System Reporting menu page.
  3. Select a Report to view. The following table describes the available tasks.
  4. Statistics Reports Tasks
    To . . . click . . .
    view a different set of reports Change Filter to go back to the Statistics page.
    print a set of reports Print.
    export a file containing report data Export Data. The data file can be opened in a text editor or a spreadsheet application.