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Blocking and Unblocking Users

By default, all Blackboard IM users can freely communicate with each other, regardless of whether or not they are in same classes, or even at the same institution. However, if there are users that you do not want to be able to contact you, you can block them. Blocked users cannot contact you, and you cannot contact them. If the user is in either your Contacts or Classmates tab, you can still see his or her status, but you always appear as offline to the blocked user. Users never know that they have been blocked, and you can unblock users at any time.

You can block or unblock a user from either the Blackboard IM window or the Preferences window. Also, if someone not in your Contacts or Classmates tab contacts you, you are given the option of blocking the user.

To Block a User from the Blackboard IM Window
  1. Right-click (Ctrl-click on Macintosh) the name of the user that you wish to block in either the Classmates or Contacts tab.
  2. Select Block User Name from the pop-up menu. The Block Contact window opens.
  3. Click Yes. The name appears with a strikethrough to indicate that the user has been blocked.

contact list with a user's name struck through

If the user is already blocked, the Block User Name option changes to Unblock User Name; you can use this option to unblock the selected user.

If you do not want blocked users to appear in your Contacts and Classmates tabs, disable Show Blocked Contacts in the View menu.

To Manage Blocked Users from The Preferences Menu
  1. Click the Blackboard IM menu.
  2. Select Preferences... The Preferences window opens.
  3. Select Privacy.
  4. Add or remove users from your Block List as desired:
    1. To add a user to your Block List, click the plus button the plus button, type the user's Blackboard IM ID, and click Add.
    1. To remove a user from you Block List, select the user from the list and click the minus button the minus button.
  5. When you have finished modifying the Block List, click OK.

Since the Block List allows you to block users by their Blackboard IM IDs, you can use this method to block any Blackboard IM user— even if he or she is not in any of your classes.

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