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Fill in the Blank Questions

Fill in the Blank answers are evaluated based on an exact text match. Accordingly, it is important to keep the answers simple and limited to as few words as possible. Answers are not case sensitive, but are evaluated based on spelling. Consider the following tips when creating Fill in the Blank questions and answers:

Try to keep answers limited to one word to avoid mismatched answers due to extra spaces or order of answer terms.  If the answer may be more then one word, list all possibilities as answers. For example, if Benjamin Franklin is the answer, include Benjamin Franklin, Franklin, and Ben Franklin as correct answers.

Note: Use the Fill in Multiple Blanks question type to create a question with multiple answers.

How to Create a Fill in the Blank Question

  1. Open the Test Canvas for a test.
  2. Select Fill in the Blank from the Create Question drop-down list.
  3. Type the Question Text.
  4. Select a Number of Answers from the drop-down list.
  5. Type an answer for each Answer field.
  6. Type the Correct Response Feedback that appears in response to a correct answer and the Incorrect Response Feedback for an incorrect answer. If partial credit is allowed, answers that are partially correct will receive the feedback for an incorrect answer.
  7. Click Submit.


Here is an example of a Fill in the Blank question:

_____ is the silicate mineral with the lowest melting temperature and the greatest resistance to weathering, and as a result, it makes up the great bulk of sand-sized particles.