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About Find Questions

Instructors can use the Find Questions page to filter and select questions when adding individual questions or a Random Block to a test. The page is comprised of the Active Filter and the Shopping List. The Active Filter is a dynamic list that changes automatically as criteria are selected or deselected. The Shopping List displays all of the selected questions in one place, eliminating the need to scroll up and down long lists of questions.

How to Browse Criteria

  1. Point to Reuse Question and select Find Questions.
  2. Click the criteria links to display all the questions associated with that criteria.
  3. Select questions from the criteria.
  4. Click Submit.

As criteria are selected from the Browse Criteria section, the relevant questions are displayed in the Active Filter. The selected criteria are displayed above the Active Filter as a reference. Use the following criteria links to search for questions:

Questions that are selected through this process are displayed in the Shopping List at the bottom of the page. Click Show List to view all the questions that have been selected. Click Hide List to minimize the list. Questions are deleted from the Shopping List by clicking the red X link next to the question. This action does not delete the question.

Next Steps