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Creating Blog Comments

Because Blogs are meant to be read by others, Students can comment on one another’s Blog entries, whether they belong to an individual, the Course, or a Group. The Instructor determines if comments can be made anonymously or deleted. The Instructor can delete any user’s comment by clicking the X. Comments cannot be edited after they are posted.

How to Comment on a Blog Entry

  1. On the Blogs listing page, select a Blog title. 
  2. On the Blog’s topic page, select a Blog to view by selecting the user’s name in the side panel under View Entries by. The user’s Blog entries open in the content frame.
  3. Click Comment following the user’s entry. The Comment text box appears.
  4. Type a comment in the Comment text box.
  5. Click Spell Check at the bottom of the Comment text box to check the spelling of the content before continuing.
  6. If enabled, select the check box for Comment on Entry as Anonymous, if appropriate. 
  7. Click Add. Click the Comments link below the entry to view the comment.

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