Package blackboard.platform.integration.provider

Interface Summary
AnnouncementProvider Provides methods to manage announcements on the external LMS.
AuthenticationProvider Provides authentication federation/delegation support for external LMSs Implementation of this provider is mandatory.
ContentSystemProvider Provides Content System support to external LMSs Implementation of this provider is optional.
IntegrationExtension This is the primary entry point into the Learning Environment Connector.
IntegrationProvider The base interface that all integration providers will extend
MigrationProvider Provides methods used to convert users and courses from the external LMS into native AS records.
NavigationProvider Provides methods to generate URLs used to navigate users into the external LMS.
PortletProvider Provides support for generating portlet data for external LMSs.
SupportProvider Provides information about the capabilities and features supported by the external LMS.

Class Summary

Enum Summary

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