Interface Loader

All Known Subinterfaces:
AdminCourseCourseLoader, AggregateReviewStatusDbLoader, AnnouncementDbLoader, CachingLoader, CalendarEntryDbLoader, CartridgeDbLoader, ConferenceDbLoader, ConferenceOwnerDbLoader, ConferenceXmlLoader, ContentDbLoader, ContentFileDbLoader, ContentStatusDbLoader, ContentStatusXmlLoader, CourseCategoryLoader, CourseCategoryMembershipLoader, CourseCourseDbLoader, CourseDbLoader, CourseMembershipDbLoader, CourseSiteLoader, CourseTocDbLoader, CourseUploadDbLoader, DataSourceLoader, EnrollmentLoader, ForumDbLoader, ForumXmlLoader, GroupDbLoader, GroupMembershipDbLoader, GroupUploadDbLoader, IdentifiableDbLoader<T>, LineitemDbLoader, LinkDbLoader, LoadAllIdentifiableDbLoader<T>, MessageAttachmentDbLoader, MessageDbLoader, MessageLabelDbLoader, MessageXmlLoader, ObserverAssociationLoader, OrganizationCategoryLoader, OrganizationCategoryMembershipLoader, OrganizationLoader, OrganizationMembershipLoader, PersonLoader, PortalRoleDbLoader, ScoreDbLoader, StaffAssignmentLoader, StaffInfoDbLoader, UploadedFileDbLoader, UserDbLoader, UserForumSettingsDbLoader, UserForumSettingsXmlLoader, UserMsgStateDbLoader, UserMsgStateXmlLoader, UserRegistryEntryDbLoader, UserRoleDbLoader

public interface Loader

The Loader interface provides the base model for any object loader defined within the persistence framework. An object loader is charged with loading an object from a container (data source) and returning it to the caller.

Bb 5.5

Method Summary
 AppVersion getAppVersion()
          Returns the AppVersion associated with this Loader.
 void init(BbPersistenceManager pm, AppVersion appVersion)
          Initializes the loader with the given persistence manager reference and the provided application version.

Method Detail


void init(BbPersistenceManager pm,
          AppVersion appVersion)
Initializes the loader with the given persistence manager reference and the provided application version. This provides a loader with all of the information necessary to determine from where and how loading should be performed.

pm - the BbPersistenceManager that should be considered the parent for this loader and thus references the container against which this loader should operate
appVersion - the AppVersion that should be used for determining the approriate object (or type of object) to load


AppVersion getAppVersion()
Returns the AppVersion associated with this Loader.

the AppVersion associated with this loader

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