Class CourseLink

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All Implemented Interfaces:
Available, HasExtendedData, IBbObject, Identifiable, Positionable,, java.lang.Cloneable

public class CourseLink
extends Content

The CourseLink class is a representation of an intra-course link within the Bb Course Management System. CourseLink objects represent the "starting point" for a link originating from the content area of a course. Used in conjunction with the Link object, one can cause this content item to reference another item within the same course/organization.

As a sub-class of Content, there aren't many specific attributes. Functionally a CourseLink object is simply a content object with the content handler set to resource/x-bb-courselink, and the RenderType attribute set to Content.RenderType.LINK.

The proper way to use this object is as follows, due to the referential integrity constraints in the system:

  1. Create the CourseLink object and save it
  2. Create a Link object, setting any appropriate attributes.
  3. Set the CourseLink as the "referrer" on the Link
  4. Set the object you wish to "point" to as the "referred to" object on the Link
  5. Persist the Link object.

Bb 6.0
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Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from class
Content.ContentView, Content.RenderType
Field Summary
static DataType DATA_TYPE
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Constructor Summary
          Default constructor.
Method Summary
 DataType getDataType()
          Returns the DataType identifier for this object.
 FormattedText getDescription()
          Returns the description of this CourseLink.
 void setDescription(FormattedText desc)
          Sets the description of this CourseLink.
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addContentFile, getAllowGuests, getAllowObservers, getBody, getContentFiles, getContentHandler, getContentStatus, getCourseId, getEndDate, getExtendedData, getGradebookItem, getIsAvailable, getIsDescribed, getIsFolder, getIsFromCartridge, getIsGroupContent, getIsLesson, getIsReviewable, getIsSampleContent, getIsSequential, getIsTracked, getLaunchInNewWindow, getLinkRef, getLinkTargetIconUrl, getOfflineName, getOfflinePath, getParentId, getPersistentTitle, getPosition, getRemovedFiles, getRenderType, getStartDate, getTitle, getTitleColor, getUrl, getUrlHost, getViewMode, printTree, removeContentFile, removeContentFile, removeInternalArtifacts, setAllowGuests, setAllowObservers, setBody, setContentHandler, setContentStatus, setCourseId, setEndDate, setExtendedData, setIsAvailable, setIsDescribed, setIsFolder, setIsFromCartridge, setIsGroupContent, setIsLesson, setIsReviewable, setIsSampleContent, setIsSequential, setIsTracked, setLaunchInNewWindow, setLinkRef, setOfflineName, setOfflinePath, setParentId, setPosition, setRenderType, setStartDate, setTitle, setTitleColor, setUrl, setViewMode, traverseContent, validate
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Field Detail


public static final DataType DATA_TYPE
Constructor Detail


public CourseLink()
Default constructor. Ensures that the appropriate content handler string is set, and defaults the LaunchInNewWindow property to false .

Method Detail


public FormattedText getDescription()
Returns the description of this CourseLink.

a {FormattedText} representing the description of this course link


public void setDescription(FormattedText desc)
Sets the description of this CourseLink. This field has an unlimited length.

desc - a FormattedText containing the description of this course link


public DataType getDataType()
Returns the DataType identifier for this object. Can be used to uniquely identify the "type" of this data object.

Specified by:
getDataType in interface IBbObject
Specified by:
getDataType in interface Identifiable
getDataType in class Content
the DataType for this object

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