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The Chat allows the users to interact with each other using a text-based chat. Chat is part of the Virtual Classroom. It can also be accessed separately.

Note: Some of the functions in the chat are limited to those users with an Active role

Open a Chat

  1. Click Tools on the Course Menu.
  2. Click Collaboration.
  3. Select Join from the contextual menu next to a Chat session. 

Send a Private Message

Users can send private messages to each other if the Session Administrator enables this tool in the Session Controls. Private messages are not recorded or archived.

Note: Only users who have an Active role can send Private Messages.


The table below details the functions available in the Chat.

To . . .

then . . .

enter a message for the class to read

type the message in the Compose field. Click Send. The message appears in the chat area. There 1000 character limit for chat messages.


become an Active user

click the hand symbol. A hand appears next to the Username.  The Session Administrator clicks on the hand to make the user Active.

view user information

Select a Username in the Participant list and then clickUser Info.

send a private message to a user

Select a Username in the Participant list and then click Private Message.