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Audience: Instructors

Working with the Grade History

The Grade History page acts like a log file that records all of the changes that occur to grades within a Course. The Grade History page displays all the data for grade submissions for the Course within a set date range. It is possible to manipulate the view and export the information.

The Grade History page is accessed from the Reports drop-down list on the Action Bar. Select View Grade History to display the page.

The Grade History page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Date The date that the Grade Item was graded or had the grade changed.
Column The type of columns associated with this grade.
Last Edited By The name of the last user to edit the grade. When clicked, the name will display the Username and Role of the person who edited the grade. If the score is entered from an online assessment, the modifier is listed as Automatic.
User The name of the user who is receiving this grade.
Value The value of the Grade as viewed in the Grade Center as well as the type of value and entry type, such as Attempt Grade, Override Grade, and others.
Attempt Submitted The date and time when the grade was edited.
Comments Any comments added to the grade.

How to Disable Grade History

The Grade History feature may be disabled, so that no data is kept in the Grade History report. From the action bar, click Disable Grade History. To enable the Grade History, click Enable Grade History.

This is a System Administrator setting as well, and may not be made available to Instructors.

How to Change the View of Grade History

The Grade History page is filtered to display entries within a date range. It can also be sorted to display items by column name, score, or date.

  1. In the Grade Center, on the action bar, point to Reports and select View Grade History.
  2. Select the data parameter from the drop-down list Show Entries from Past, including the following:
  3. Click Go.
  4. Click OK to return to the Grade Center page.

To sort items to display by order of a column, click a column heading. The column will display in descending alphabetic, score, or date order, depending upon the column chosen.

How to Download the Grade History File

The Grade History is exported as a delimited file and downloaded to local machine.

  1. On the action bar of the Grade History page, click Download.
  2. Select the Delimiter Type for the file, either Comma or Tab.
  3. Select Yes to Include Comments or No to exclude them from the download.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click Download the save the file to a local machine.
  6. Click OK to return to the Grade Center page.

How to Clear Grade History

A Grade History is cleared, flushing all the data, by clicking Clear Grade History. This action is final and cannot be reversed. To ensure that data is not lost, download the Grade History before clearing it.