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A Rubric is a tool that lists evaluation criteria for an assignment. Rubrics can help students organize their efforts to meet the requirements of an assignment. Instructors can use Rubrics to explain their evaluations to students.

The Blackboard administrator at your school controls whether this tool is available. If this tool is not available, you can contact your administrator to discuss its status.

About Rubrics

Rubrics are made up of rows and columns. The rows correspond to the various criteria of an assignment. The columns correspond to the level of achievement expressed for each criterion. A description and point value for each cell in the rubric defines the evaluation and score of an assignment. There is no limit to the number of Rubrics that can be created.

The following actions are available when working with Rubrics:

How to Create a Rubric

New rubrics default to three rows and three columns.

  1. Access Tools and select Rubrics.
  2. On the Rubrics page, click Create Rubric.
  3. Type a Name for the Rubric. The name is the title text that identifies the rubric.
  4. Enter a description of the rubric to make it easier to associate it to relevant assignments.
  5. Edit the Rubric Grid.
  6. Click Submit.

How to Edit the Rubric Grid

Edit the Rubric Grid so it corresponds to the type of feedback and scoring desired.

  1. Click Add Row to add a new criterion at the bottom of the grid.
  2. Click Add Column to add a new level of achievement to the grid.
  3. Select Show Points to enter a single point value for each Level of Achievement.
  4. Select Show Point Range to enter a high and low value to create a point range for each Level of Achievement. Only one option can be selected.
  5. Click Edit from the contextual menu of the labels identifying rows and columns to change their names.
  6. Enter a point value or range of values for each cell.
  7. Enter a description defining the criteria and the associated Level of Achievement.

Note:  There is a 1000 character limit for each cell. Rows and columns can be reordered by clicking the reordering icon.

How to Copy and Edit a Rubric

Copying a Rubric is helpful best practice if you have similar assignments for your students that will follow the same criteria. This will allow you to keep the settings and simply re-name the Rubric.

Rubrics can be duplicated by selecting the Copy option from the contextual menu. A copy will automatically be created with the name of the rubric in parentheses followed by the number one. For example, "Introductory Speech" will be copied to create "(Introductory Speech)(1)".

The Rubric name can then be edited to a new name by selecting Edit from the contextual menu. The Edit Rubric page will allow you to edit all the settings for the Rubric.

Applying a Rubric in the Grade Center

From the Grade Center, Rubrics can be associated to any column. Rubrics can be viewed from the Grade Center during the grading process.

Rubrics can also be viewed from the Grade Details page within the Grade Center.

Rubrics are not displayed to students and as an Instructor, your interaction is limited to a Read Only copy when viewing the Rubric in the Grade Center or within a grading widget for Blogs, Journals, Wikis, and Discussion Boards.

How to Apply a Rubric in the Grade Center

  1. Access the Grade Center.
  2. Find the column you would like to associate your Rubric with. From the contextual menu of that column, select View and Add Rubrics. A pop-up will open.
  3. Click Add Rubric.
  4. Select the Rubric you want to add.
  5. Click Submit. You will be returned to the pop-up page. There are two icons under the Actions column, View Rubric or Remove Rubric Association. When you click View Rubric, the Rubric will open in a new window for you to view while you are grading your student's assignments.

How to View a Rubric while Grading

A Rubric will need to be added to the assignment in the Grade Center prior to grading within the course tool. You will only be able to view the Rubric from this area. Adding Rubrics is only available through the Grade Center.

  1. Access the Blog, Wiki, Journal, or Discussion Board that you need to grade.
  2. Click Edit Grade on the right hand side of the page.

    Note:  Grading must be enabled for the assignment for this option to appear.

  3. Click View Rubric to view any associated Rubrics with that assignment. The associated Rubrics will open in a pop-up window for you to select.
  4. Provide a grade in the Current Grade Value text box.
  5. Provide any Feedback to the Student or any Grading Notes for the Instructor.
  6. Click Save Grade when you are finished.