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Setting Your Connection Speed

Blackboard Collaborate is designed to ensure that you are always experiencing a session synchronized with all participants, live in real time. To do this, Blackboard Collaborate matches the rate at which the server sends information to you with the setting you chose for connection speed. (See the Knowledge Base article 1551 to learn more about the importance of setting the correct connection speed.)

The first time you join a session, the Select Connection Speed dialog appears, prompting you to select the connection speed that you will be using. After you exit the session, the connection speed is automatically saved with the preferences.

Note: You can quickly see what your current connection speed is by viewing it under the Information menu. See Getting Session Connection Information.

Another way to set your connection speed is through the Preferences dialog. You may do this in an offline session (see Launching an Offline Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Session) or anytime within a live session.

Configure your connection speed in the Preferences dialog.

  1. In the left pane of the Preferences dialog, select Connection under Session. The Connection preferences panel appears.

    Connection speed pane in the preferences dialog

  2. From the list of Connection Speed options, select the modem or line speed that your computer is using to connect to the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing Server. In most cases, this means your Internet connection speed.

    Warning: Setting the incorrect connection speed (either higher or lower) may result in poor performance.


    If your connection is …

    28.8K Dialup

    28.8K modem

    33.6K Dialup

    33.6K modem

    56K Dialup

    56K modem


    High-speed dedicated telephone connection


    Wireless connection


    High-speed cable connection or Digital Subscriber Line


    Local Area Network

  3. Click on OK to save your preferences and close the Preferences dialog, Apply to save your preferences and leave the Preferences dialog open or Cancel to close the Preference dialog without saving any of your changes.

When you configure preferences, Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing will remember the settings each time you join another session on the same computer.

Note: You can restore your preference settings to the default. For details on restoring default preferences, see Restoring Default Preference Settings.

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