Hot Spot Questions

About Hot Spot Questions

Users indicate the answer by marking a specific point on an image. A range of pixel coordinates is used to define the correct answer. Hot Spot refers to the area of an image that, when selected, yields a correct answer. The following are some examples of uses for this type of question:

Create a Hot Spot Question

Follow these steps to create a Hot Spot question.

  1. Open the Test Canvas for an assessment.
  2. Select Hot Spot from the question type drop-down list. Click Go.
  3. Enter the Question Text.
  4. Assign a Point Value. Complete any advanced features for the question as defined by the Creation Settings of the assessment.
  5. Enter the path to the file in the Attach Local File field under the Upload Image heading. Make sure to upload the image in the correct field. Remember that Creation Settings allows uploading a file as part of the Question Text.
  6. Click Next. The uploaded image will appear.
  7. Click the mouse and drag it to create a rectangle over the correct answer. When Students select a point within the rectangle they will receive credit for a correct answer. The area of the hot spot is defined by pixels. Click Clear to remove the hot spot and select a new hot spot.
  8. Complete the question by adding optional feedback for correct and incorrect answers. Assign the question a category or other metadata.
  9. Click Submit to add the question to the assessment.