Essay Questions


Essay questions require the Instructor to provide Students with a question or statement. Students are given the opportunity to type an answer into a text field. Sample answers can be added for users or Graders to use as a reference. These types of questions must be graded manually on the Grade Assessment page. Essay questions may use the Math and Science Notation Tool.

Note: A Short Answer Question type is also available; this question type allows the Instructor to limit the length of the response. Like Essay questions; Short Answer Questions are manually graded.


Other Question types that allow user input are File Response, Fill in the Blank, and Fill in Multiple Blank.

Create an Essay Question

  1. Open the Test Canvas for an assessment.
  2. Select Essay Question from the question type drop-down list. Click Go.
  3.  Enter the Question Text and assign a Point Value.
  4. Enter a sample answer for users to view with the question.
  5. Click Submit to add the question to the assessment.