Course Availability


The Course Availability page controls access to the Course.

Find this page

Follow the steps below to open the Course Availability page.

  1. Select Settings in Course Options on the Control Panel.
  2. Click Course Availability.

Course Role availability

Select either Yes or No to make the Course available to users. If the Course is set to available, all users participating in the Course will have access. If the Course is set to unavailable, access is determined by Course role.

Note:Courses that are unavailable will not appear in the CourseCatalog.


The following table describes what type of access different user roles have to a Course that is unavailable:

Course Role

Access when Course is unavailable


The Course is not available to Students.

Instructors , Course Builders, Teaching Assistants, and Graders

Courses set to Unavailable will appear to the user. The Course will be indicated as unavailable, but will still be accessible.