Calculated Numeric Response Questions

About Calculated Numeric Response Questions

This question resembles a fill-in-the-blank question. The user enters a number to complete a statement. The correct answer can be a specific number or within a range of numbers. Please note that the answer must be numeric, not alphanumeric. For example, in a Geography class the Instructor may ask for the estimated population of a specific city.

Create a Calculated Numeric Response Question

Follow these steps to create a Numeric Response question.

  1. Open the Test Canvas for an assessment.
  2. Select Numeric from the question type drop-down list. Click Go.
  3. Enter the Question Text.
  4. Assign a Point Value. Complete any advanced features for the question as defined by the Creation Settings of the assessment.
  5. Enter the Correct Answer. This value must be a number.
  6. Enter the AnswerRange. If the answer must be exact for Students to receive credit, enter 0. Any value that is less than or more than the Correct Answer by less than the Answer Range value will be marked as correct.
  7. Complete the question by adding optional feedback for correct and incorrect answers. Assign the question metadata.
  8. Click Submit to add the question to the assessment.