Short Answer Questions

About Short Answer Questions

Short Answer questions are similar to essay questions. The length of the answer can be limited to a specified number of rows in the text box.  Essay questions, Short Answer questions must be graded manually.

The number of rows is meant as a guideline when entering an answer, it does not impose an absolute limit on answer length.

Create a Short Answer Question

Follow these steps to create a short response question.

  1. Open the Test Canvas for an assessment.
  2. Select Short Answer from the question type drop-down list. Click Go.
  3. Enter the Question Text.
  4. Assign a Point Value.
  5. Select a number of rows for the answer.
  6. Enter an example of a correct answer to assist Graders.
  7. Complete the question by adding optional feedback for correct and incorrect answers. Assign question metadata.
  8. Click Submit to add the question to the assessment.