Quiz Bowl Questions

About Quiz Bowl Questions

Quiz Bowl questions are a way to add fun and creativity to tests, such as self assessments or in-class contests. The user is shown the answer and responds by entering the correct question into a text box. An answer must include a phrase and a question word, such as whom, what, or where, to be marked as correct. For example, the question may be "The person who invented the cotton gin", with the answer being "Who is Eli Whitney?" Partial credit may be given if the question word is not included in the answer.

Create a Quiz Bowl Question

Follow these steps to create a Quiz Bowl question.

  1. Open the Test Canvas for an assessment.
  2. Select Quiz Bowl from the question type drop-down list. Click Go.
  3. Enter the Question Text.
  4. Assign a Point Value.
  5. Click the Allow Partial Credit and enter a percentage of credit. This is the amount of credit that will be given to answers that include the correct phrase but do not include the correct interrogative word.
  6. Select the Number of Interrogative Words. Enter each acceptable interrogative word in the fields below. One of these words must appear in the response for the Student to receive full credit.
  7. Select the Number of Answer Phrases. Enter each acceptable phrase into the fields below. One of these phrases must appear in the response for the Student to receive any credit.
  8. Complete the question by adding optional feedback for correct and incorrect answers. Assign question metadata.
  9. Click Submit to add the question to the assessment.