Manage Groups


On the Manage Groups page Instructors can build study or project groups. Instructors can also remove and modify groups from this page. The Instructor has the option of giving the group access to these features:

The features that are chosen are displayed on the Manage Groups page under the group name.

Find this page

Click Manage Groups in User Management on the Control Panel to open the Manage Groups page.


The table below details the available functions on this page.

To . . .

click. . .

add a group

Add Group.The Add Group page will appear.

Once a Group has been created Students must be added. Click Modify to access the Manage Group page and add users to that group.

modify a group

Modify. A Manage Group page will appear. On the Manage Group page group properties may be modified, new Students may be added, Group users may be listed or modified, and users may be removed from the group.

remove a group

Remove. This action is irreversible.