Grade Center


The Grade Center provides extraordinary flexibility to meet the needs of basic and advanced users, institutional requirements, and a diverse student population. Instructors can easily and efficiently perform most Grade Center activities from a central view.

The Grade Center includes features to communicate and share assessment data directly with students, parents, and institutional administrators. A reporting feature can assist instructors and other key stakeholders to understand student progress and make informed decisions to improve performance.

This section is organized around the life cycle of assessment in a course, beginning with exploring the features of the Grade Center, continuing on to Planning Assessment and Using the Grade Center, and ending with Saving and Reusing the Gradebook. Users that are familiar with Blackboard Academic Suite tools and former Grade Center conventions may wish to review the navigation and then skip to setting up and using the Grade Center. Users that are new to Blackboard may wish to read Planning Assessment before setting up and using the Grade Center.

In this section

This section includes the following chapters:




Grade Center Features and Navigation

Highlights the major features of the Grade Center and how the Grade Center interacts with other Academic Suite systems.

Setting up the Grade Center and Planning Assessment

Describes Grading schemas, Categories, Grading periods, and how to use and save Smart Views, customized views of Grade Center data.

Using the Grade Center

Describes how to enter grades, see grade details, change grades and null grades. Also describes how to add and remove students, release grades to students, auto-generate Columns, manually generate Columns and import external items.

Saving and Reusing the Grade Center

Describes how to download Grade Center data, save settings, and copy and archive courses containing Grade Center information.