Weight Grades


Instructors can set a weight for each Gradebook item to determine a final grade. For example, a final exam may be worth 25 percent of a Student's grade while a reading quiz may be worth only 10 percent. Instructors can adjust Gradebook weights according to category or item.

Find this page

Follow the steps below to open the Weight Grades page.

  1. Select Gradebook on the Control Panel.

  2. Select Weight Grades.


The table below details the fields on the Weight Grades page.





Weight by Category

Click Weight by Category to weight grades by the category. For example, all Assignments will have the same weight and all Quizzes will have the same weight. Enter the percentage to weight each category in the boxes to the left.

Weight by Item

Click Weight by Item to weight grades by name as they are defined in the Gradebook. For example, the mid-term exam can be weighted differently then the final exam. Enter the percentage to weight each item in the boxes to the left.


Important Information about Weighted Grades

The following information is important when weighting grades:

When Weight by Category is selected, the following information will apply:


Tips for Weighting Grades