Pool Manager


The Pool Manager allows Instructors to store questions for repeated use. Instructors can create new questions to include in Pools and add questions that have been created in other Tests or Pools. Pools from other courses can be imported through the Pool Manager.  With the exception of minor text changes, such as correcting a typo, a Pool should not be modified if Students have already begun taking an Assessment that draws questions from the Pool.


Note: When creating question Pools for Surveys, Instructors must add correct answers, as if they were creating Test questions.  These answers will be ignored once the question is copied into a Survey.

Find this page

Click Pool Manager in Assessments on the Control Panel to open the Pool Manager page.


The Pool Manager functions in the same way as the Test Manager and offers all of the same options for creating and managing Pools. The difference between Pools and Tests is that Tests can be added to Course areas for users to view and complete. Pools contain questions that can be included in a Test. Pool questions cannot be presented to Students unless they are included in a Test.

Pools also differ from Tests in the following ways:

Pool Creation Settings

The Pool Creation Settings function in the same way as the Test Creation Settings. The only difference is there is not an option to Specify default point values for questions. Pool questions are not associated with a point value until they are added to a Test.


When questions are selected from a Pool to be included in a Test links are created between the Test and the Pool for those questions. Instructors should not make changes to Pool questions that have been deployed in a Test once Students have begun taking the Test. A warning will appear if any Students are in the process of taking the Test or have already taken the Test when Modify is selected on the Pool Manager. Certain areas of the questions will not be available for modification if the Test has already been taken by Students.

If the Instructor modifies a Pool question after a Student has submitted a Test it was included on, the Student will view the new, modified question when they view their grade and feedback. They will not view the original question.

Export Pool

A Question Pool may be exported by selecting Export on the Pool Manager page. The exported Pool is packaged in a .ZIP file. Once a pool is exported, questions may not be added to it.

 Instructors can choose to export a Question Pool to their local computer or to the Blackboard Content System (if it is available). If the Blackboard Content System is not available, selecting to Export a pool prompts the  Instructor to store the pool on their local computer.


If  Instructors select to export the pool to the Blackboard Content System, they must enter a destination by either typing a valid path or by selecting Browse. If Browse is selected, the Blackboard Content System will open in a new window.  Instructors may select any folder on which they have Write permission. It is not possible to export a pool to an existing file; therefore, only folders inside the Blackboard Content System can be selected. If an  Instructor manually enters a Blackboard Content System path without Write permission on that path, an error message appears. In addition, if exporting a pool exceeds the quota of the destination path, an error message appears and the export does not occur.


Note: Blackboard Content System Destination paths that are manually entered are case-sensitive.