Add/Modify Hot Link Content



Links for the left side of a tab are added and modified from the Add/Modify Add / Modify Hot Link Content page view. Links can access educational partners, research tools, or any Web page relevant to the institution.


Find this page

Follow these steps to open the Add/Modify Links page.

  1. Click Manage Tabs on the Administrator Panel.

  2.  Click Modify for one of the following tabs: My Institution, Courses, Communities, Services, or any module tab created by the Administrator.

  3.  Click Manage Hot Link Content.

  4. Click Add URL or Modify for an existing URL. A page view will appear with fields for creating a link or modifying an existing one.


The table below details the fields on the Add/Modify Link page view.




URL Information


Enter a name for the link. The name will appear in the Hot Links box.


Enter the URL for the link. When entering a URL, do so as http //, not or


Enter a description of the link. The description will appear below the link name in the partnerships box.


Do you want to make the URL visible?

Click Yes to make the link available.

Launch in External Window

Click Yes or No to determine if the link opens the Web site in an external browser window.

Choose date restrictions

Check Display After and Display Until then select the range of dates that the folder will appear.