About Assignments

Assignments list the name, description, and attachments for class work. Students complete the assignment in a separate file and send it back to the Instructor.  They may also include comments for the Instructor if they choose.

Submit an Assignment

Submitting an Assignment is very simple. On the Upload Assignment page, Students can add comments and specify files to attach.

Instructors may create Assignments where Students do not need to attach files to complete them; Students can submit an Assignment without attaching a file.  If Submit is selected, and no files are listed to attach, the Assignment is submitted and will no longer be available to the Student to complete.

If the same file is attached to an Assignment more than once, the file name of the duplicate will automatically include a numeric suffix. For example, History_assignment1.doc.


Warning: Be careful in cases where files must be submitted in order to complete the assignment!  Assignments can only be submitted once.


Follow the steps below to submit an Assignment:

  1. Select the Content Area from the Course menu that holds the Assignment. For example, the Course Documents area.

  2. Click the name of the Assignment. The Upload Assignment page appears.

  3. Complete the Comments field on the Upload Assignment page.

  4.  Click Browse next to File To Attach to browse the local system and select a file to attach. Multiple files may be attached using the Add Another File option. Click Submit when the page is complete.


In Step 4, files may also be uploaded from the Blackboard Content System. Select Browse next to Copy file from Content Collection to choose a file.



The table below details the Assignments functions.


To . . .

then . . .

access the files attached to the Assignment

select a link in the Assignment Files field.

add comments for the Instructor

enter the comments in the Comments field. The Instructor will receive these comments with the submitted Assignment.

attach a local file

click Browse to select a file stored locally. Click Save, Submit or Add Another File to attach the file.

add multiple files

click Add Another File to add all files before saving or submitting.

remove a file

click Remove next to a file. This option appears after a file is added.

save the Assignment

click Save to save the Assignment and continue working on it later. Save stores the comments and the files on the page, but does not submit them. Students may return later to modify or finish the assignment. Submit must be selected in order to finish.

submit the Assignment

click Submit to send the Assignment to the Instructor. Submit completes the Assignment. Once the page is submitted, the Instructor will be able to access the student’s work. The Assignment cannot be submitted again.

Save an Assignment

The Upload Assignment page has a Save option available. This option allows the user to save the Assignment and continue working on it later. Once the Assignment is complete the user can submit it.

Copy files from the Content Collection

Users may select files stored in the Content Collection to add to different course areas, such as Assignments, items, and Assessments. Select Browse next to Copy file from Content Collection. A new window opens displaying the Content Collection view. Once the file has been selected, choose Submit or Add Another File to attach the file.

When files are attached, users must select either Attach Local File or Copy File from Content Collection. If files that are stored both locally and in the Content Collection should be submitted, use one of the options to select a file, click Add Another File, then use the other option to select the other files.


Note: Administrators control the default of the Course Menu for the entire system. This does not limit the Instructors ability to make changes within their courses; it only dictates the appearance of the default Course Menu.




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