Digital Drop Box



The Digital Drop Box enables Students to exchange files with the Instructor. Digital Drop Box is only available as a Course Tool, it is not an Institution Tool.


Note: A file added to the Drop Box will not appear to the Instructor until it has been sent. Once a file has been sent to the Instructor, it cannot be removed from the Drop Box.


Digital Drop Box


Find this page

Follow the steps below to open the Digital Drop Box page.


Step 1                 Open a course Web site for a course.

Step 2                 Click Tools on the course menu.

Step 3                 Select Digital Drop Box.



The following functions are available from the Digital Drop box page.




Add File 

Upload files to the Drop Box.

Send File 

Send a file to the Instructor.


Remove a file from the Drop Box.


Tips and Tricks

The following date and time information is included in files:


·          files sent to the Instructor will show the date and time submitted


·          files that are added to the Drop Box but not sent will show the date and time posted


·          files sent from the Instructor will show the date and time received


Note: The date and time displayed in each instance is not the date and time on the user’s machine, rather, it is the date and time on the Blackboard Learning System server.


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