Course Content Areas



Course content areas may contain a variety of learning materials. Instructors use these areas to present information in many different ways, from basic text to multimedia. Instructors can also post Assessments and Learning Units within any of the content areas.


The following is an example of the how a course content area may appear.









External Link



Learning Unit



Course Documents - Content Area


Common content areas

The following content areas are examples of some of the more common uses for content areas:


          Course Information: Course Information displays descriptive materials about the course such as the course syllabus and course objectives.


          Course Documents: Course Documents can be used by Instructors to organize learning materials and lesson aids.


          Assignments: Assignments lists the due date and description for class work. The Instructor posts assignments and can modify the tasks and due dates from the Assignments page.


          Books: Instructors post recommended reading lists, useful articles, and other similar material in the Books area.


          External Links: The External Links content area provides a page to reference Web sites useful for a course.


Navigating content areas

While Instructors have limitless options when designing content areas, navigating through content areas is a structured, easy-to-follow process. Content areas are arranged as a series of nested folders where each folder can contain items and other folders. Each content area folder page includes the location at the top, a navigation path, and whatever items the Instructor has included in that folder.


To return to a previous folder or to the beginning of the content area, click the appropriate folder in the navigation path. To open a folder, Learning Unit, Assessment, or file, click the links that appear in the folder contents.


Note:  Instructors may attach Microsoft LRN Content to a Content Area.  LRN Content files can only be accessed with Internet Explorer, version 5.0 or higher.  Microsoft recommends using Internet Explorer 6.0.


In this section

The section includes information in the following topics.





Provides information for taking Tests and Surveys and reviewing the results.


Explains how Course Assignments are accessed and submitted to the Instructor.

Learning Units 

Provides information on how to navigate within a Learning Unit.

External Links 

Explains how to access external links that the Instructor may include in course content areas.

Course Cartridges 

Provides information on Course Cartridges and how to access them from within a course.


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