Remove Usersfrom the Course



Instructors may remove users from a course on the Remove Users from the Course page. When a user is removed from a course all of the information associated with the user (such as, Gradebook information, Drop Box files) is removed.


Note: Removed users cannot be restored to the course. To restore a removed user, the user must be enrolled in the course again from the Add Users page.


Remove Users from Course


Find this page

To open the Remove User from the Course page, click Remove Users from the Course in the User Management area of the Course Control Panel.


Search functions

The Remove Users from the Course page contains a search function. The Instructor can search for users using different variables selected from the search tabs. The following functions are available:


To . . .

Then . . .

search for a user using the userís last name, user name, or Email address

       Select the Search tab.

       Enter either a last name, user name, or email address.

       Select either the Last Name, User Name, or Email option. All matching entries will be displayed.

search for a group of last names that start with a particular letter or a User Name that starts with a particular number

       Select the A-Z, 0-9 tab.

       Click on the first letter of the last name or on the first number of the User Name. All matching entries will be displayed.

search using a value found in the userís first or last name

       Select the Advanced tab.

       Enter a value in the Containing: field.

       The search will return all users with that value in their User Name.

       Click the check box and enter a number to search for all users that have accessed the course in that number of days

list all users

       Select the tab.

       Click List All to list all the names enrolled. All entries will be displayed.


Remove a User from the Course

Below is an example of the Remove Users from the Course page that displays the search results.


Remove Users from the course


Select the check box next to the name(s) of the user(s) that is to be removed and type Yes in the field at the bottom of the page. A message will appear verifying that the user should be removed. This action is irreversible.


When the search is performed 20 users will appear on a page, if more the 20 users are found during the search, multiple pages may be viewed.  Instructors may only remove users from one page at a time.  For example, if the search returns three pages of users, the Instructor must select the users to remove on the first page, type Yes and click Submit, then proceed to the second page of the search, select users on that page, type Yes and select Submit, and so on until finished.


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