Insert Link to File



Users may include a link to a file from the Text Box editor. This option is available if the Text Box editor is enabled.


Note: Users who do not have access to the Text Box Editor, or if the Text Box Editor is disabled, may still attach files to course Web sites, such as in Content Areas.


Insert Link to File


Find this page

The Text Box editor appears within text boxes in the Blackboard Learning System. Select the first button, Attach File, in the third row of the Action bar.



The table below details the fields on the Insert Link to File page:




Insert Link to File


Click Browse to locate a file.

OR Specify URL:

Enter a URL to create a link to a file outside of the local system. An example is http://blackboard/images/picture1.jpeg.

Link to File Options

Name of Link to File:

Enter the name of the link that Students click to access the attached file.

Launch in new window:

Select Yes to have the file open in a new separate window. Select No to have the file open in the same window.


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