Digital Drop Box



The Digital Drop Box is a tool that the Instructor and Students can use to exchange files. The Digital Drop Box works by uploading a file from a disk or a computer to a depository. Files can be sent back and forth from the Instructor’s Drop Box to the Drop Box of other users in the course.


Individual Student access to the Drop Box is available from the Digital Drop Box area located in the Course menu on the course Web site. Instructors must access their Drop Box from the Course Control Panel.


Note: The Digital Drop Box is used to exchange materials between individual Students and the Instructor. Information that needs to be posted for all Students should be placed in a Course Content Area.


Digital Drop Box


Find this page

To open the Digital Drop Box, click Digital Drop Box in Course Tools area on the Course Control Panel.



The functions available on this page are described in the table below.


To . . .

click . . .

add a file

Add File. The Add File page will appear.

send a file

Send File. The Send File to Students page will appear.

remove a file

Remove next to the file that is to be removed.

A warning pop-up window will appear. Removing a file permanently deletes the file from the Instructor Drop Box.


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