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When a discussion is created within a forum it is called a thread. The Create New Message page is used to start a thread. The new thread will appear in the discussion forum.


Create New Message


Find this page

Follow the steps below to open the Create New Message page.


Step 1                 Click Discussion Board in the Course Tools area of the Course Control Panel.


Step 2                 Open a forum.


Step 3                 Click Add New Thread.



The table below details the fields on the Create New Message page.




Message Information


Enter the subject of the thread.


Enter a message. The following options are available:

·          Smart Text: Automatically recognizes a link entered in the text box. Smart text recognizes the ENTER key as a paragraph tag and accepts HTML tags as well. Smart Text will also prompt to load images if an image source text is used when adding smart text as part of a content item.

·          Plain text: Displays text as written.

·          HTML: Displays text as coded using HTML tags.

·          √x: Opens the WebEQ Equation Editor.

·          <¸>: Opens the MathML Equation Editor.

·          ABC: Opens Spell Check.

·          Preview: Opens the text as it will appear to the user.



Post message as Anonymous

Select the check box to post an anonymous message. This option may or may not be available depending on the options selected when the discussion forum was created.


Enter the file path or click Browse to locate a file.


View the message as it will appear on the Discussion Board forum.


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