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Courses can be removed from Blackboard Learning System through the Remove Course page. Courses that are removed cannot be restored to the Blackboard Learning System unless the course was archived or exported prior to removing it.


Keep in mind that archiving a course will preserve not only course content but also user enrollments and interactions with the course. For information on archiving a course prior to removing it from Blackboard Learning System, see the Archive Course topic. Exporting a course will only preserve the content in the course. For more information, see the Export Coursetopic.


Remove Course page


Find this page

Click Remove Course from the Courses section of the System Control Panel.


Search for courses

The Remove Course page contains a search function at the top of the page. The following search tabs are available:


·          Search: The search parameters on this tab can be used separately or in tandem to further narrow the list generated. Follow these steps to use this tab:


Step 1   Select the Course ID, Instructor, or Title/Description option.


Step 2   In the text field, enter a Course ID, an Instructor name, or a string that appears in the Title or Description of the course. If this field is left blank, courses will be filtered only by the date created.


Step 3   Select the All Courses, Month, or Day option to define the list based on when courses were created (If Month is selected, courses that are returned will have been created in the previous 30 days. If Day is selected, courses that are returned will have been created in the last 24 hours).

Step 4   The search function will create a list of courses according to the search criteria. Courses will appear in a table format with each course listed in a separate row.


·          A-Z, 0-9: Click the letter or number that represents the first character of a Course ID. A list of all courses with an ID that begins with that character will appear.


·          List All: Click List All to view all the courses on the system. Returning all the courses on the system may take a few moments.



The following table details the functions available from the Remove Course page.


To . . .

click . . .

remove courses

the check boxes in the Remove column to select courses for deletion. Type ‘Yes’ in the field at the bottom of the page to verify and then click Submit to delete all selected courses from the system.

view a course Web site

the link in the Course ID column. The course Web site will appear.

access the Properties: Course page for a course

Properties for a course. From this page a number of Settings can be managed.


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