Institution Calendar



Administrators manage institution events through the Institution Calendar. Upcoming and past events can be viewed daily, weekly, or monthly. An event posted to the Institution Calendar will display in all Calendars system-wide.


The default view shows the day’s events, however, Administrators may also select a weekly, monthly, or yearly view.


Institution Calendar Page (Day View)


Find this page

Click Institution Calendar from the System Tools section of the System Control Panel.



To use the functions available on the Institution Calendar page, follow the table below.


To . . .

click . . .

create an event and add it to the calendar

Add Event. The Add Calendar Event page will appear.

view events for a specific date and time

Quick Jump to access the Quick Jump page. From here, select a date and time and the calendar will immediately display events for that time.

view events by day, week, or month

the appropriate tab to view events for the current day, current week, current month, or current year.

view previous or future events

the arrows to the left of the current day, week, month, or year. Click on the arrows to the right to view future events.

view event details

a calendar event.

modify an event

Modify. The Modify Event page will appear.

remove an event

Remove for an event to remove it from the calendar. This action is irreversible.


View Events

Click on an event to view event details. The details page lists the date and time of the event, the category associated with the event, and a description of the event. It is possible to modify or remove the event by clicking the appropriate button.


Calendar: View Events Page



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