Compose Email



It is an optional service. Users may create and send emails through the Compose Email page. Users can send a copy of the message to themselves and use Cc (Carbon Copy) to copy the message to other recipients.


Find this page

Follow the steps below to find the Compose Email page:


Step 1                 Click Web Email in the Tools box.

Step 2                 Login to Web Email.

Step 3                 Click Compose Email.



The table below details the entry fields on the Compose Email page.




Select Users


Enter the email addresses of message recipients. Use commas to separate multiple addresses.


Enter the email address of those recipients who are to receive a copy of the email. Use commas to separate multiple addresses.

Enter Message Details


Displays the address of the sender.


Enter a subject for the email message.

Enter Message Details


Enter the text of your message. Click Spell Check to check the spelling.


Note: A signature may appear in the Message box. The signature is controlled by an option on the Compose Message Options page.

Select Message Options

Attach File:

Enter the file path or click Browse to find a file to attach.